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April 2014 at SSM

The exhibition "Distant Neighbour Close Memories" sheds light on the 600 years of commercial, historical and political relations between Turkey and Poland. The history of the relations between the two countries from the 15th century on, including the Battle of Vienna of 1683 which proved to be a turning point not only in the histories of Ottoman Empire and Poland but in European history as well, is explained through documents, maps, paintings, personal effects of prominent personalities, and Ottoman spoils, such as tents and weapons from the Battle. devam için tıklayın!

Children's Day, 23 April

On 23 April, children will gather in the museum garden to play traditional games such as skipping rope, hide and seek, hopscotch and get the handkerchief.

The activities are in Turkish.

Workshops for Children

Within the scope of the "Distant Neighbour, Close Memories" exhibition, children set out on a journey of culture and history to Poland, to the accompaniment of Polish music. On this amusing journey, they are also accompanied by a treasure chest full of legends, envoys bearing the Sultan’s letter, artists with magical brushes and weavers.

The activities are in Turkish.

Adult Education

In spring, adult education activities continue with two seminars, one on "Order and Chaos" by Professor Uşun Tükel, and one on "Mythology and Its Place in Art-2: Interpreting Meaning in Mythological Paintings" by Professor Zühre İndirkaş, both discussing art, history of art and mythology comprehensively.

The seminars are in Turkish.

İstanbul Recitals

Sa Chen, the pianist among the most important ten Chinese female artists in the 2009 list of the magazine L’officiel, and the first pianist to get awards at the three most prestigious international piano contests (Leeds-Chopin-Van Cliburn), will be playing at The Seed on 11 April.

April 11, Friday, 20:00 devam için tıklayın!

Gece Vardiyası Concerts

Gece Vardiyası (The Night Shift) Concerts within the framework of the "Distant Neighbour Close Memories" exhibition continue in April with a joint work by Karol Szymanowski Re: Oriented, Türk Sazları Topluluğu (Turkish Instruments Assembly) and The Lasoń String Quartet from Poland.

April 17, Thursday, 20:00devam için tıklayın!

Gift Shop and Restaurant
Gift Shop

Again within the framework of the "Distant Neighbour Close Memories" exhibition, amber jewellery inspired by traditional Ottoman and Polish designs, trays and candles decorated with cock figures, mugs and coffee cups, glasses, cushions and bags with Ottoman designs as well as the exhibition catalogues and books are ready for your perusal at the Museum Shop.devam için tıklayın!


The visitors to the museum will have the opportunity to taste the modern dishes inspired by the traditional ingredients and cooking techniques of Poland and labelled with the flag of Poland on the menu, six days a week, during the day and in the evenings. devam için tıklayın!

World Art Day is free on Tuesday, April 15 at SSM! 

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